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“I have a new level of confidence because my business success depends on my dedication and hard work.” Patty Shutt, Alternative Billing Solutions

Patty Shutt, of McHenry, Illinois, had worked in chiropractic offices for over 17 years when her boss decided he wanted to start a traveling clinic. So they set up a home office for Patty, creating a virtual connection between the chiropractor, his assistant, and his patients.

When business slowed down due to the economy, Patty found herself with a tough choice. "I considered going back out and finding another billing job. However, I really enjoyed being around the house for my daughter." So instead of looking for a job working for somebody else, she embarked on a different path. "I decided to take a medical billing course online and take the plunge by opening my own billing business."

She started Alternative Billing Solutions in early 2009, offering chiropractic physicians a virtual billing service. She positions herself as an additional team member, working in conjunction with the chiropractic office's staff to enhance the clinic's billing. "My main focus is to ultimately perform the entire suite of billing duties; however I will also customize a package to fill in the gaps for a clinic's billing department as well." She sees the service she offers not as a way for clinics to outsource jobs, but as a way to make them more efficient. "By allowing me to handle the billing, which is really time-consuming, the clinic's staff can use the extra time to focus on the growth of the practice, which is then a win-win for everyone!"

Patty says she really enjoyed the process of planning her business. "It certainly was a challenge! I had a lot of really good ideas; however, I needed these ideas organized," she says. So when a friend recommended Business Plan Pro, she checked it out. After working through her plan in the software, she decided to take advantage of another service Palo Alto Software offers, and signed up for Business Plan Pro Coaching. Her expert coach helped guide her in the right direction and keep her on task. "I was able to gather specific ideas and put them together so I could focus on where I wanted my business to go, focusing on which services I really wanted to offer and which services to keep away from."

Regularly revisiting her plan is a scheduled event for Patty. She says she tries to review it monthly, though as her business takes off that isn't always easy. Getting back into the plan and making adjustments as situations change helps her maintain the hard-won focus she found during the planning process.

"I have a new level of confidence because my business success depends on my dedication and hard work. It is definitely worth it," says Patty, who adds that you have to believe in yourself in order to achieve your goals. It's what she did, and she adds, "it is really the most fulfilling experience I have ever had."

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